SPF GT 001 - the first production Superformance GT – made a stunning debut at the Imports Car Show at Carlisle this past weekend.. Comments ranged from “absolutely stunning” through “unbelievably authentic” to “incredible attention to detail”. 

SPF GT 001 is now back in the Snakepit Automotive workshop in Long Island, NY, where this first Superformance GT in the US will receive its power train and be prepared to give prospective buyers an opportunity to drive this latest supercar from Superformance.

So authentic is this replica of the GT 40 Mk II A’s that beat Ferrari and finished first, second and third in the 24 Hours at Le Mans in 1966, that it is easier to list the differences between the original and the Superformance GT: The shifter was moved from the right hand sill to the center tunnel (the original was right hand drive) and this road-going version of the race car is equipped with a custom made air conditioner to make it more user friendly, and the seats were changed slightly to create more space – they can easily accommodate a 6’ 2”, 250 lb person like Jimmy Price.

The SPF GT differs from other replicas of the original in that it is the only production model to be built with a monocoque chassis that is an exact replica of the original. The chassis sports a formidable stiffness of 10,000 to 12,000 pounds per degree.

Most of the other replicas on the market have easier to build and less expensive space frame chassis and many of their features differ from the original in that they use whatever off-the-shelf components are available, rather than the original style components hand-crafted in Hi-Techs ultra-modern factory in South Africa. 

When Jim Price decided to replicate the original Mk 1 and Mk 11 A and B, he went the route of making a double of the original so as not to be just another player in a field of nearly correct replicas. The chassis of the Superformance GT will accommodate either a big or a small block engine, and if a customer wishes to install – and can locate – a T44 transaxle and a 427 big block engine with a dry sump, he will have an exact replica of the Le Mans winning car – albeit in left hand drive to be street legal in the US. If he prefers a right hand drive model for off-road use, it will be available from Superformance as a special order.

Like all Superformance products, the SPF GT comes complete but without engine and transmission. The buyer can decide whether he wants to install either a small block or a stroked 351 Windsor, mate it to a ZF/RBT transaxle – and go cruising the highway like enthusiasts in the 1960’s did. 

The launch MSRP of the complete SPF GT without engine and transmission is $65,000. Depending on the drive train the buyer wishes to acquire and install or have installed, he can have his GT on the road for between $80,000 and $90,000.

Meanwhile, SPF GT 002 and 003 are taking shape on the GT assembly line in South Africa, and more chassis are being assembled before they, too join their siblings on the line.