As of November 1st 2005 ownership of Superformance International Inc was transferred to a division of the Hillbank Automotive Group under the guidance of Lance Stander (CEO). Superformance LLC dba Shelby Distribution USA is the name of this division. Our primary business has remained in the distribution of the Superformance brand of products which include the MKIII, Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe and the new GT. 

Lance is a self confessed "gear head" and has been involved in almost every aspect of the auto industry, from racing touring cars to managing auto dealerships. Hillbank the auto dealership in South Africa was founded in 1977 by Lance’s father Stan and in 1982 he joined the company adding auto salvage and imported USA vehicles to the portfolio along with 13 dealership branches. Hillbank South Africa (RT GROUP) is successfully managed by a highly motivated team of industry professionals with Lance still on the board of directors. In 1999 Lance moved to California and started Hillbank Motor Corporation a South Western Superformance dealership. 

As it is Lance’s nature to expand, he engaged in discussions with Jim Price (Previous owner of Superformance Int. Inc.) regarding the purchase of the Corporation and Superformance LLC resulted. With the benefit of having owned and managed a Superformance Dealership Lance saw this as a tremendous opportunity not only for himself but the entire Superformance family. 

Our goal is to take the already successful brand forward adding new products and obtaining better exposure. Ensuring this reality we will be expanding our dealer network to make our line more visible and available to a broader demographic and geographic area. We have also entered into negotiations with Shelby Automotive Inc. to build and management the distribution of the Shelby CSX-4000 series.