Irvine, CA – January 16, 2010 United States Rep. John Campbell (R-CA, 48th District) recently visited specialty car dealer Hillbank Motor Corporation in Irvine, CA at an event arranged by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). 

Rep. Campbell, a longtime supporter of the automotive industry, was on hand to discuss ways to stimulate the economy by supporting small business. He also fielded questions about health care reform and other current issues during a round-table discussion with industry members.

Showing why he is considered a “car guy” in Congress, Rep. Campbell arrived in a pristine 1973 Buick Riviera GS Stage 1, one of legendary GM designer Bill Mitchell's greatest designs. 

Rep. Campbell toured the Hillbank facility and spent a considerable amount of time admiring the Superformance and Shelby vehicles on display in the Hillbank Motorsports showroom. He talked with Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance and Hillbank, as they toured the huge inventory of classic American Superformance replicas and Shelby component cars.

Stuart Gosswein, Sr. Director, Federal Government Affairs at SEMA moderated the discussion. Health Care was a main topic of discussion, particularly as it affects small business. Rep. Campbell and SEMA support reforms to the health care system that would reduce the burden on small businesses due to mandatory coverage for their employees. 

Rep. Campbell explained that small businesses like Hillbank and Superformance will have more financial resources to spend on research and development if they are freed from mandatory coverage. They will be able to innovate and produce new products that appeal to American consumers in a new way.

“Breakthrough automotive technologies are more likely to come from smaller companies that are willing to take greater risks in the marketplace. These companies have proven that they can operate efficiently on much smaller volumes than the big automakers, and still produce a profit.” Rep. Campbell said. 

He also pointed out that the economic recovery cannot begin without small businesses, who are generally quicker to hire new workers after a recession than are larger companies.

Although they support some elements of the current health care reform legislation, neither Rep. Campbell nor SEMA believes that the plan goes far enough in addressing wasteful spending or creating competition for private insurance.

About SEMA •The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is the trade association of the American automotive enthusiast, supported by 7,500 mostly small businesses in California and nationwide that design, manufacture, rebuild, distribute, and retail specialty automobile parts and accessories for the automotive hobby. The industry has $34 billion in retail sales. •The products manufactured by SEMA member companies include functional, restoration, performance and styling enhancement products for use on passenger cars, trucks, and special interest vehicles. •California is the birthplace of the American hot rod and the specialty equipment industry. Today, nearly one out of every seven jobs in the state is directly involved in the auto industry. Specialty equipment manufacturers represent the bulk of auto-related manufacturing as well as a significant part of California’s employment and economic base. 

About Rep. John Campbell (R-CA, 48th District) •Rep. Campbell has been a strong SEMA ally for many years. •He is a former auto dealer who worked in the industry for 25 years before being elected to the California State Assembly (2000) and Senate (2004). He was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2005, where he is a member of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus. •At the state level, Rep. Campbell actively opposed the repeal of California's rolling emissions exemption and most recently at the federal level, Rep. Campbell helped SEMA secure a provision within the “Cash for Clunkers” program to protect vehicles 25-years old and older from the crusher.

Hillbank •Hillbank Motorsports is a premier retailer of the top name-brand and genuine aftermarket American Muscle performance parts & accessories. •Hillbank carries the largest inventory of “turn-key minus” Superformance replicas and Shelby continuation component cars. •They specialize in modified Mustangs, as well as vintage racing and street legal vehicles like the legendary Cobras, Daytona Coupes, Grand Sport Corvettes and GT40s of the 1960’s. 

Journalist note: Additional information and images may be available by contacting Frank Filipponio 657-464-3227