We at Superformance would like to wish you Health and Happiness for 2010. 

Superformance received an enormous amount of press and web coverage in 2009, with the introduction of new products and show vehicles. Hundreds of Superformance owners received trophies at car shows, and events and many cars and owners were featured in magazines. Thank you to all our owners who are a testament to our products. 

Mike Stenhouse, Randall Thomas, our manufacturing facility and some owners worked diligently on the 3rd edition MKIII owner's manual which is quite spectacular and very comprehensive. Mike who runs the Superformance registry worked hard this year collecting and collaborating owner information not only for the Superformance registry but also from the Shelby World registry entries. Randall Thomas who runs the owners forum arranged a number of owner events throughout the country. Starting off the year was the Owners conference followed by a race event in Hastings NE and a drive event which took place over a number of states. 

Olthoff racing, Duntov and Pathfinder represented us well at race events. Our race cars brought home some top places, well done to all the drivers and mechanics. Our GT40 R made its debuted in Road America and went on to win a number of races. 

Our dealers traveled across the USA attending a number of car shows and proudly displaying Superformance products. We would like to thank you all for making 2009 such a memorable year and wish you all prosperity for 2010. Happy New Year.