15 Superformance owners from 7 different states set off in 8 Superformance MKIII’s to challenge the 6 day Super-Cruz from Butte Montana, through Idaho, Oregon, Washington, back through Idaho and winding up in Montana again passing through 5 state lines. 

Many remarked that event was fun and the company great, but it was brutally challenging and not for the faint hearted. But as true Superformance Owners they navigated the winding roads not paying to much attention to their sore muscles and churned internal organs and in true Superformance spirit they kept on going finding humor in every situation. The Superformance camaraderie is really one to be reckoned with and you have only to spend some time with the group to know that life, enjoyment and team support is what they are all about.

Well , as one can imagine traveling for 6 days took some packing, yes, small duffle bags were preferable and one owner came up with the unique idea of packing every days outfit into a Zip lock bag. It was great as he could easily find the complete outfit for each day, keeping the dirty washing separate from the clean as that was neatly packed in its bag. For many as the days progressed the trunks began to expand and where the lid would close easily on the first day, the second day it needed an inch of compression, the third two inches of compression and after that it required the weight of one's body to coax the trunk closed whilst someone else locked it. On one occasion a wife squealed in delight of some new purchase they just had to make only to have their hubbies sternly retort, "no! we don't have any room". One owner kept buying and buying and merely move clothes from the trunk into the cockpit until it was difficult to shift the gear lever anymore. 

Beautiful scenery, driving with friends, evening meals, endless laughs and an experience that you can’t surpass made this event a memorable one. Thank you Randall and Diane for all your planning in making this the most talked about event of the year.

On day one, 241 Miles were covered driving from Montana to Stanley ID. 

On day two, 264 miles were covered as the diehard Superformance crew drove through Idaho City over Grimes Pass to Mc Call and Cambridge in ID.

On day 3, 266 miles were traveled on Day Three as the crew drove through Oxbow, Hells Canyon, Joseph OR and the Spiral Highway in ID. 

On day 4, 290 miles were covered driving through Lewiston ID, to Logo MT and Bison Range.

On day 5, 160 miles were driven through Ronan MT to West Glacier-to East Glacier MT. 

On day 6, 290 Miles were covered driving from East Glacier MT to Hungry Horse MT to Anaconda MT.