AutotopiaLA is back with another killer feature, this time highlighting a 1963 Superformance Chevy Corvette Grand Sport. Built as a fully licensed replica of the race machine designed to take down the mighty Shelby Cobra, this custom Corvette is decked out head to toe with high-end parts and sheer awesomeness. Now, we’re getting into the driver’s seat with the following in-depth video.

The rear end of a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport replica from Superformance.

Like most epic automobiles, the history of the Corvette Grand Sport starts in the world of motorsport. As the story goes, the Grand Sport project launched in 1962 with the intention of besting the Shelby Cobra on the racetrack. With chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov at the helm, the Corvette Grand Sport was designed to be lightweight and nimble, with 125 units originally planned for production. However, the project’s eventual cancellation meant only five were actually built, and as such, each of the original examples is highly coveted and worth many millions of dollars.

Enter Superformance. Based in Florida, Superformance specializes in luxury racing car replicas, including the Corvette Grand Sport.

The exterior is a perfect imitation of the original, with Superformance gaining access to the original GM tooling that was used to create the body in the ’60s. Other notable features include Bilstein coilovers, carbon composite single leaf rear suspension, and polished stainless side pipes.

This Grand Sport also features modern upgrades like six-piston Wilwood brakes in the front and four-piston brakes in the rear, as well as an electronic power steering rack. However, the real draw is under the hood, where we find a 408-cubic-inch V8 topped by a set of velocity stacks and Lingenfelter valve covers. Output is nearly 500 horsepower at the rear wheels, which is a good amount for a car weighing less than 3,000 pounds. All the go is routed through a T-56 six-speed manual transmission.

Inside, the car blends vintage aesthetics with modern touches, such as classic instruments mimicking the original look, plus a set of toggle switches, blue upholstery, and a three-spoke steering wheel. This particular example isn’t equipped with a stereo, which is great for those buyers that prefer the sound of the V8.

Check out the full video right here: