The Kentucky Cobra Club participated in the 2007 British Bash in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Seven cobras attended belonging to:

  • Sam and Monika Jackson, Louisville, KY
  • Rick Bagley, Shepherdsville, KY
  • Roger Vincent, Bowling Green, KY
  • Terry and Julie Riebel, Louisville, KY
  • Vince Lubbers, Toad Hill Farm, Madison County, KY
  • Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla, Louisville, KY
  • Clay Taylor, Lexington, KY

The Superformance cobra belonging to Roger Vincent took first place in the cobra section. Congratulations with your win and thank you for representing Superformance! 

The Kentucky Cobra Club is a club for people who love all things Cobras. Cobra Roadsters, Cobra replicas or Cobra originals. The club also welcomes owners of Daytona Coupes, GT-40s, Panteras, Sunbeam Tigers and Shelby Mustangs. Vist the Kentucky Club at or contact Juan Lopez-Bonilla Telephone 502-635-5711