Carroll Shelby Takes Delivery of his Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe

On Monday, April 21, Shelby Automobiles and Shelby Distribution USA presented automotive legend Carroll Shelby with a custom Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, painted in the same “Guardsman Blue” of the original cars. 

Carroll’s Daytona Coupe also features the number 98 that represents chassis #2300 that Shelby himself owned up until 1999. Power comes from a Shelby prepared block that was finished off by Roush 427SR V8 with 480 horsepower and 515 lb-ft torque. Unique to Carroll’s Daytona Coupe is a shifting system that utilizes paddles and buttons on the steering wheel. Developed by MasterShift of San Diego, the Art Carr 2004R 4-speed automatic transmission can be up shifted via paddles and downshifted using two buttons on either side of the steering wheel. Installation of the transmission and paddle shift system was handled by Exotic Auto Restoration of Costa Mesa.