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Superformance Corvette Grand Sport Review Motor Trend

Monday, April 25, 2016

Story Chris Walton. Pictures Robert Guio  April 19,2016

"The intimidating, angry sound of side pipes, the rare scent of hydrocarbons knocking sooty memories from the corners of your brain, and the way classic body sculpting and painstaking details of an “old” car rekindle your teenage automotive lust is only part the experience. Because if you’ve ever driven a 50-year-old car, much less a high-strung ’60s race car, you also know well the trepidation that’s part of the irreplaceable experience. Will it start—every time? Will it overheat—in traffic? Will it stop—especially when the brakes are hot? Superformance takes all that is good and lust-worthy in a vintage race car and leaves the rest in the past. It also removes the apprehension of driving what for all appearances is a multi-multimillion-dollar vintage race car with provenance. And you won’t need a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy or a chase vehicle driven by a trusty mechanic, either..."

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