Superformance MKIII Cobra Outline
Dark Silver MKIII
Dark Silver
Light Silver MKIII
Light Silver
Titanium MKIII
Titanium Silver
Galaxy Blue MKIII
Galaxy Blue
Royal Blue MKIII
Royal Blue
Indigo Blue MKIII
Indigo Blue
Wimbledon White MKIII
Wimbledon White
Portofino Blue MKIII
Porofino Blue
Yellow MKIII
Monza Red MKIII
Monza Red
Sunset Red MKIII
Sunset Red
Malachite Green MKIII
Malachite Green
Superformance chassis’ are available in thirteen standard colors with or without striping. Striping is painted as the first coat color on the body creating a smooth finish. Stripes are an added option.

Custom paint is available, please contact your dealer for more information.n.
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