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Album London Car Show OH 2015

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Selected Photo: Superformance 20th Anniversary Raffle Car.

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Album Contents

Superformance 20th Anniversary Raffle Car.

London Car Show.

Ohio Cobra Club announce the winner of the Raffle

John Cropper and Gaby Batshoun

Superformance MKIII with Roush Engine (Raffle Car)

Cobra's at the London Car Show.

Superforamnce dealer Performance Cobra- Display

Randall Thomas (SCOF) Superformance Forum

OhioCobraClub present donation to CysticFibrosis

Todd Andrews guest speaker Superformance.

Superformance MKIII Raffle Car

John and Connie (Cobra Performance)

Superformance dealer Cobra Performance

Cobras at the London Car show OH
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